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4 Types of Foods That Will Boost Your Metabolism


You might have heard the term metabolism many a time in your life, but do you really know what it means and how it can affect your weight loss efforts? Metabolism is the rate at which your body burns the calories you take in. Therefore, metabolism is the holy grail of dieters and weight watchers. It helps you with digestion and burns off fat even while you're sleeping. Here are 4 types of foods that will fuel your metabolic rate and help you lose weight quickly.

•    Carnithine-rich foods: Carnithine plays a vital role in energy production and aids in fat metabolism. Red meat, fish and chicken are your best choices for carnitine. Other great foods containing good amount of L-carnithine include nuts, seeds, asparagus, broccoli, sprouts, and corn to name a few.

•    Fibre-rich foods: Dietary fiber is not digestible but it increases the efficiency with which your body processes food. High-fiber foods require more time to chew and make you feel fuller for longer. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains and cereals are packed with fibre. 

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•    Warming foods: Apart from enriching the flavour of the food, warming foods such as black peppers, ginger, garlic, mustard, vinegar, etc. also boost your fat metabolism. They double your energy expenditure for several hours after eating them.

•    Energising foods: They are called so because you feel fresh and energized after taking them. Green tea, coffee and black tea fall under this category. You can get metabolism-boosting caffeine in coffee and black tea while catechins in green tea that raise your resting metabolism by 4%. 

To burn fat faster you need to get the right foods. It is the secret to boosting metabolic rate. That is why wholesale supplements for weight loss contain L-carnithine, high amount of fibre, green tea extracts and other metabolism-boosting ingredients. If you don't eat a variety of nutritious foods, taking dietary supplements might help you kick your metabolism into high gear. 

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