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5 Factors That Impede Your Weight Loss Process


Weight loss involves physical, emotional and energetic principles. These guide your body's metabolic processes and your will power to lose weight. You've been dieting for long and doing exercises daily, still you're not able to lose weight and you don't know why? Then losing weight becomes a distant dream for you. No need to worry now! Several researches have shown that certain lifestyle factors could thwart your weight-loss efforts. You can control these factors to become successful in your weight loss journey. These factors are:

#1 Stress: Weight gain is associated with stress. Your body releases cortisol when you're stressed, which in turn increase your appetite and drive you to eat more. Solution: Meditation helps you cope with stress and reduces your urge for emotional eating.

#2: Hormonal Imbalance: Hormonal imbalances are quite common and can affect your metabolism. When hormones in your body are out of whack, you develop weight loss resistance. Solution: Get your hormones checked. Take an energy-reduced diet and exercise daily.

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#3 Sleep deprivation: Sleep duration affects hormones that regulate your hunger. Due to lack of sleep, your body triggers the release of these hunger hormones, resulting in increase in the appetite. You also feel fatigue that reduces your physical activity. Solution: Take 6-8 hours of sleep to prevent the likelihood of weight gain.

#4 Beverages you drink: From fizzy to carbonated drinks and from soda to cola, what you drink will affect your weight loss goal. These types of beverages contain lumps of refined sugar and calories, thereby increasing your daily calorie intake. Solution: Consumption of green tea and shakes that act as nutritional supplements for weight loss might be a good way to support for your weight loss routine. 

#5 Eating habits: Skipping meals hinders weight loss. If you don't eat until you're really hungry, you may end up eating more calories. Eating your meal too fast might also lead to increase in weight gain. Your digestive system takes 10-30 minutes to release hormones that tell you to stop eating. When you eat too fast, this mechanism is not triggered properly and you end up eating more. Solution: Eat slowly and don't skip meals. 

Weight gain is a predictable side effect of the factors mentioned above. Changing your lifestyle, your habits, diet and getting more exercise can help you lose weight.

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