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History Nutritional Supplements Wholesale C.V. (trade name Slimex 15 Supplements) is founded in 2012 as Wholesale business and has taken the step to grow to what it is today: a thriving wholesale and retail of natural food supplements and Slimming products this in the broadest sense of the word.

Trademark registration Nutritional Supplements Wholesale C.V. (trade name Slimex 15 Supplements) Have Slimex 15 product produced at Santé Pharma in Deventer Holland a certified company, see also our product certificate issued by Santé Pharma in Deventer. Nutritional Supplements Wholesale C.V. (trade name Slimex 15 Supplements) is the official sales point of all Slimex 15 products.

Choice, quality Diversity is important for the future. A healthy organization looks constantly around, looking for new developments and products. Our range consists to a large extent of natural products with recognized labels such as Slimex 15. Our customer can by very successful with one supplier under the arm because of a very wide range of high-quality and exclusive brands, that is there we choose for!

Products Nutritional Supplements Wholesale C.V. (trade name Slimex 15 Supplements) offers a wide range of slimming products, food supplements with the name Slimex 15 Plus, Slimex 15 Shake and soon Slimex 15 Cellulite.

Day after day optimal service With the goal to achieve optimum cooperation with our customers is not only the choice and quality of products that counts. Our customers expect a fast and adequate response to their needs and wishes. Our most important advantages are:

  • Possibility to order daily
  • A fast delivery with accurate administrative · handling
  • Regular visit of our representatives with · very extensive knowledge of the products and the market.
  • Specifically trained staff

Our target group The sales market focuses mainly to health stores and Web shops, making a wide range of products exclusively for these stores. In addition, pharmacies, therapists and beauty salons are also part of our target audience. Thanks in part to a constant growth, we export also to Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Italy, France, Netherlands, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, Sweden, Spain, Latvia, Slovenia.

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