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Three Wholesale Purchasing Options We Provide to Our Customers


The wholesale weight loss supplement industry is about quality, volume, price and profit. The more you can buy, the lower the wholesale price becomes, and you earn higher profit in return. Online health shops and retailers like to buy in bulk from wholesale distributors because they get the benefit of negotiating higher volumes of weight loss supplements at lower rates. Slimex15-Supplements offers an extensive catalog of natural food supplements available at wholesale pricing for health clubs, and specialty retailers based anywhere throughout the world. Our wholesale customers are happy with our high-quality products available at wholesale rates and quick delivery service. Being one of the leading retail distributors of weight loss supplements, Slimex15-Supplements offer its customers three options to purchase bulk quantities of our products:

Option #1: Buy only what your business needs
You just need to fulfill our minimum purchase order amount and are not required to buy large quantities of products if your business doesn't need as of now. We can sell and ship to your health food store, fitness shop or web store warehouse, depending on your small requirements, and as you increase your sales you can negotiate higher volumes and lower rates. 

Retail Natural Food Supplements Distributors

Option #2: Become our reseller
If you would like to sell SLIMEX 15 SUPPLEMENTS products in your eCommerce store, then you can register on our website and become our reseller. You get a complete range of nutritional supplements at attractive consumer pricing. Using your login details you can order products via our website at extremely competitive rates. We also provide you photos of all products in our range for listing on your own created web store.

Option #3: Become our drop-ship customer
As a retailer or owner of eCommerce store, if you don't like to stock products you can become our drop ship customer. In this case, you transfer the customer orders and shipment details to us, and we ship the goods directly to your customers. With our drop-ship distribution technique you can save time, money and scale your business.

Now that you've found your best wholesale weight loss supplements supplier, you're welcome to contact us with your queries regarding wholesale purchasing process. We will provide you detailed information about volume discounts, our order processing time, pricing terms, minimum order quantities, and return policies. Powered by quality products and an extensive distribution network, we ensure our customers with speed and efficiency.

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